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Net Zero Future

Historically, the construction industry has taken a conservative approach to new ideas of design and delivery. But we know as a whole, our industry has always believed in conducting business conducive to life. That’s why this space exists—to better reflect that value system in the ways we shape our industry and its impacts.


Our work is literally built on and with natural resources, so it’s our obligation to consider the ways in which we perform on the landscape. We recognize sustainability is never static this means we need to prioritize long-term goals over short-term gains. It's time for our industry to lead in climate action and position ourselves as leaders of change. 

Worldwide, the construction industry is responsible for 38% of global annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are a significant cause of climate change. In Canada, our industry contributes over 12% of total GHG emissions—only the oil and gas and transportation sectors have higher emissions. Building Good supports the World Green Building Council’s (WorldGBC) bold vision for how buildings and infrastructure around the world can reach 40% less embodied carbon emissions by 2030, and achieve 100% net zero emissions buildings by 2050.

Progression is our purpose.

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