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Building Conversations

Welcome to the place for discussions that can change the future! In each podcast episode we explore different ways our industry can lead transformational change. Listen now, as we spotlight people across the industry who are helping us understand how we can build good together.

Season 5
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Hosts of the Building Good Podcast

Jen Hancock

With a passion for innovation and sustainability, Jen has worked over the past decade to influence change within the industry. She is a coach, facilitator, and trainer for project teams focusing on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), collaborative construction practices, lean, and sustainability. Working on some of the very first IPD projects in Canada she has become a key champion for industry change. This year, she is focusing on sustainability, where she looks to understand the industry challenges and help move us all towards a net zero future.

Geoff Capelle

From consultant to construction, Geoff has worked across various projects on different sides of the table. He works with Bird Construction on the setup and execution of large-scale industrial, residential, and commercial construction projects with a particular focus on collaborative contracting delivery (IPD, Progressive DB, and Alliance). He is passionate about the ways that we can modernize the construction-sector to build stronger and more diverse teams who are empowered to address modern-day challenges.