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Environmental Innovation

Environmental innovation is our guiding principle as we seek to redefine construction practices for a sustainable tomorrow. From green building techniques to net-zero energy designs, let’s lead the conversation on minimizing our ecological footprint.  

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Building for tomorrow

By integrating advanced materials, embracing eco-friendly construction methods, and promoting environmental stewardship, we can pave the way for an industry that not only builds for today but preserves the planet for generations to come. In every project, the AEC industry are the champions of change, driving environmental innovation and setting new standards for sustainable construction practices. 

Uncover new perspectives

Dive into our latest blog articles focusing on environmental innovation. Gain valuable insights from key thought leaders in the AEC industry who are at the forefront of driving positive change.

Building conversations

Our podcast features guests from across the industry. It's a place for discussion. To explore different ways we can lead change through championing enviromental innovation, listen in!

Featuring Jamie Miller

Nature has been engineering for billions of years, so why do we think we can do better than her? Biomimicry is taking that ancient evolutionary design process and using it to build buildings and design systems.


Featuring David Oliver

Buying carbon offsets when you take a flight or build a building can sound a little bit like cheating. Should it really be as simple as paying your way to net zero?


Featuring Chris Cornelius

Buildings from around the world represent the culture they were built in. From gothic cathedrals in Europe to glittering glassy office towers. So why don’t we always think about local culture when we start designing?


Join the Conversation 

The pressure is real. Being part of this community means you’re signing up to face industry challenges head-on. But it’s these challenges that call us to rise above and think outside the box. Collaboration and solutions-based thinking, matched with the ways to measure results, is where we’re going. We’re always looking for collaborators to contribute to our community.  

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