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Social Sustainability

As an industry, our commitment extends beyond the physical structures we create – it encompasses the social fabric we build. Social sustainability is the pillar that propels us to consider the broader impact of our projects on communities, fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion. 


It's not just about bricks and mortar; it's about weaving a stronger social fabric. Social sustainability is at the core of our commitment as an industry. It prompts us to look beyond the construction sites and into the heart of communities. It's not just about building structures; it's about building a better, more connected world for everyone. Read our latest blogs on social sustainability.  

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Our podcast features guests from across the industry. It's a place for discussion. To explore different ways we can lead change through championing social innovation, listen in!

Featuring Dana O’Born

If you head downtown in any major Canadian city you will see a lot of construction, and it is mostly large residential towers that are going up. That means more people living there, but the roads stay the same size.


Featuring Nora Spencer

If job sites can be hostile environments for women and nonbinary people, how do we get them into construction in the first place, so they can change those workplaces?


Featuring Cheryll Case

Heading into downtown Toronto you see a forest of cranes and partly built condo towers. These buildings are providing new, much-needed housing… for a certain type of resident. But where do our low and fixed income neighbours move to?


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