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We are back with a new season, Industry For All.

Date Published: August 16, 2022

“Diversity” is not a buzzword. It’s not just the right thing to do. Diversity is the solution to a labour shortage, it’s the key to new insights and perspectives, and it’s a way to make our spaces easier and more welcoming to everyone. In the new season of Building Good we’re exploring how the architecture, engineering, and construction sector might look if it can address its diversity issues and become a welcoming space for everyone.

Jen Hancock: In the new season of Building Good, we’re tearing down barriers. All kinds of barriers, societal, logistical… and even literal, physical barriers.

Sean Crump: Accessibility isn't just for the disabled. Universal design is really creating space that accommodates everyone

Jen Hancock: Building inclusive spaces does mean constructing accessible buildings, but it also means  making architecture, engineering and construction a more welcoming industry to work in.

Darrell Schurman  We kind of say in, in our community here, slap the rainbow flag on, on your window and you think then all of a sudden you're, an LGBT inclusive company or, or business. it can't just be superficial.

Jen Hancock: To build equitably, we have to start with ourselves. 

[Music - light, pizzicato strings]

Jen Hancock: How can we expect the spaces we create to be diverse and inclusive if our own workplace and workforce isn’t?

Join us, as we talk to the people who are building a more equal industry, so that industry can build a more just world.

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