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Building Good is about making the built world better

Date Published: July 11, 2023

Building Good is about making the built environment better. We’re relaunching with a bigger and better show, and in this new season we’re looking at what buildings can learn from nature, whether smart cities are really that smart, and how men can do better on the construction site. We’re covering social justice in urban planning, and how builders can be better allies. We want to change the AEC space for better, for good. So join us at buildinggood.ca, and subscribe to the show so you don’t miss our new, bigger and better season. Coming July.

Jen Hancock:

If you care about construction, if you want to see architecture that works for all, or if you’re an ethical engineer, join us at Building Good.


Jen Hancock:

Building Good is a place for conversations about making construction better. In our new season we’ll be talking about what buildings can learn from nature.

Guest (preview of Jamie Miller):

In the turbine blade examples, like you want to cut through the wind more efficiently, or you want to cut through a fluid more efficiently. Well, where in the natural world is that function achieved? And you think of wings. You can think of like owl feathers, which are silent.


Jen Hancock:

Or finding out how men can do better in the workplace and the construction site.

Guest (preview of Brad Johnson):

Men hear words like “gender” and “inclusion” and “women,” and they immediately assume, “Oh, that’s not for me.” And as a consequence, we have years and years and years to go—per estimates—to get to things like closing the gender pay-gap.

Jen Hancock:

And we’re asking: Are smart cities really that smart?

Guest (preview of John Lorinc):

If we accept the idea that we move to clean electricity generation, electrification of many parts of our society—from transportation to home heating and all of that stuff—then smart grids are absolutely pivotal to that.

Jen Hancock:

We’ve also expanded our team. Welcome to our third host.

Geoff Capelle:

Hey, I’m Geoff Capelle.


Jen Hancock:

I’m Jen Hancock. And this is Building Good. So join me, Geoff, and Tim Coldwell for the new season of Building Good, coming July. Hit “Subscribe” so you don’t miss it.

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